Hello Everyone, welcome to my website!  You can find out information about my classes by clicking the links above.  You can contact me @ meganmorgan83@gmail.com with any questions, I look forward to starting your yoga journey with you.

My Teaching Style:

Teaching accessible yoga classes that work for the student regardless of injury, condition(s), size, fitness level, age, or perceived ability. Through my education and self-practice I am able to provide classes that are approachable for anyone.

I offer many variations on the poses we are performing in class so that each and every person can find a method that works best for them. I discuss focusing on ones self and doing what feels right for them, versus what anyone else in class might be doing. I re-iterate that we are all in different bodies so we will not all look the same in class.

All classes include a focus on the breath, how the body feels, building strength and stretching the body. Classes finish with a restful relaxation period. Students leave feeling refreshed and restored.



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Went to my first Chair Yoga class today; my first time doing any type of Yoga – I loved it! I have several health issues and the class was perfect for me, can’t wait to go again next week. Thank you so much Megan!


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